Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Visual essay

Visual Analysis

By: Izzy bray

          The poem "Oh Mitch! My Mitch!" is about the death of somebody that had inspired many people including myself. "Their lives are saved" and "Never so thankful are the fans" shows that he helped people overcome the dark times they have been through and live on. Not only those who have overcome but also the friends of those specific people are also thankful that their friends have survived.

           The mostly used pictures to convey what the persona is talking about because I think that a picture is a thousand words. The first one I chose was the one of Mitch Lucker standing on a stage looking down with angel wings. This, I think, really puts a lot of things into perspective. For example, the angel wings symbolises that he is now an angel in heaven and is happy and safe. In the picture, Mitch is looking down and to me that signifies him watching down from heaven on his fans, making sure they are okay and being their guardian angel. The "RIP" word that has been placed on his shirt is significant because it shows that he has passed away and the dates below it show when.

         Clouds with light streaming through is a small detail that is not as important as the first one, but still shows something unique. The clouds in the sky is what most people think heaven is like, the angels sitting on the clouds singing hymns and beautiful music. With the light streaming out makes the affect even more so heavenly and glorious.

        This poem is about how fans and inspired people will miss him, but to know he is safe in heaven watching over the fans is a great comfort to a lot of people. His daughter, Kenadee Lucker, believes in heaven a lot. She knows her daddy is there and isn't coming back, and because she believes in it, the death was not as hard as it could have been. That is why in the poem she is mentioned and the gif (moving picture) is of her and Mitch. She was the most important person in his life, and this makes the poem even more sorrowful and deep.

         Colours were not as big in this poem, but I chose brown and black. Black was to symbolise a more solemn tone, to signify the darkness that may occur in the poem. The colour brown was used because it is also a dark colour and dark colours are more often used to symbolise things similar to this.

O Mitch! My Mitch!

O Mitch! my Mitch! Your impossible job is done, you sang to many hearts,
Their lives are saved, Heaven is near, choirs to hear, angels praising your return.
Never so thankful are the fans, never so heartbroken are the fans; But O sing! Sing! Sing!
O sweet symphony of sound, Where you lie in the clouds above, watching over us all
O Mitch! My Mitch! Come back to us; Sing again- you left behind a legacy- for you we will all press forward.

For you a concert in your honour- for you the greatest mourn the loss of an inspiration
For you they cry, the tears of innocence, no one deserved this bitter farewell
Here Mitch! Dear father!
Your family misses you
It is Kenadee that needs you
You're gone and passed.

My Mitch is silent, no more beautiful words flowing from his lips,
My Mitch does not know who he's saved, nor will he ever,
The touring is done never to resume, the music to never be heard again,
From the beginning to the end you were there;
Sing with the angels, with glory on high!
But we will forever miss thee.
Tis a sad farewell.
But in my heart you will stay.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Who are you really?

Who are you really?

This poem really speaks to me and it is describing that your physical appearance is not who you are, but the things you love is who you are. In the second stanza it say what you are not. "You are not a name or a height, or a weight," these two lines suggest that the persona is telling you that what you look like or weigh is not what says who you really are. In the third stanza the persona tries to convey the message that what you love and the little things that you do are what makes you, you. "You are your favourite books and the songs stuck in your head," is conveying that who you are is the things you love to read or the songs that constantly stick in your head. These things are all something that we choose because of our own certain personality, which is what the author was trying to describe in this poem. I really think this is a beautiful way to tell somebody that their personality is what makes you who you really are in life. In the last stanza the persona states "You are where you're going and I'd like to go there too," and this ties it all together in a way that the persona likes you for you and would like to be with you wherever you may be because he/she loves who you truly are.


Monday, 25 February 2013

What is love?

What is love,

It is not a faze
or a fling, or fun
or a one night stand
it is not someone to hold your hand
and someone to be there when you want
them to be

It is THE one for you
and the one who always makes you smile
it is the feeling of butterflies
and happiness every time
you're together

It is a knowing
deep down in your heart
that this is a true love
A perfect love

It is not
something that is temporary
It is
Everything worth while
and I'd like
to have that
with you

Friday, 22 February 2013

What if?

What if?

What if music was not real?
What if you could not feel?
What if you had no heart;
No emotion at the start?
Could you imagine a world like that?

What if there was no colour?
Would everything be duller?
What if there was no sound?
What if it could not be found?
Could you imagine a world like that?

What if there were no trees;
No air that you could breathe?
What if there was no sun;
No shinning to be done?
Could you imagine a world like that?

Be thankful for the music and sound.
Be thankful you have a heart.
Be thankful for the colour around.
Be thankful this world is set apart.
Be thankful for the world you live in.

What if the sun didn't shine
Would things be the same
would we do what we always did
What if love never existed
What would we feel for someone we loved
Would we feel love at all
What if anger was our good side
Would we wear it as pride
What if the hungry never ate
Would they make it to the next day
What if we gotten every thing we ever needed
Would we be filled with greed
What if every one was enemies
Could we ever expect to have a good time
What if there was no difference between you and me
Would we understand each other
Would we know everything about everybody
What if there was no laughter no joy
Could we endure life
Would there be any thing we could enjoy
What if things were never how they was suppose to be
Would we be how we use to be
What if we were blind and could not see
Would we give up on life
Would we accept that the little things in life would not excite you or me
What if
What if these words I am saying to you did not get to you
Would you be lost
Would you be considered a fool
What if 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Pick a lock

Pick a lock.

Pick a, pick a lock.
Beat the, beat the clock.
Time is running out.
Hurry up the route.
Pick a, pick a lock.



In the deep dark jungle,
Tarzan sleeps in his tall wood house,
With his dearest sweet Jane.

Music will always be there

Music will always be there

Do you know who's always there?
Do you know who really does care?
Music will always have your back.
Even when life gives you a big whack.
Music makes life impossibly fair.