Friday, 22 February 2013

What if?

What if?

What if music was not real?
What if you could not feel?
What if you had no heart;
No emotion at the start?
Could you imagine a world like that?

What if there was no colour?
Would everything be duller?
What if there was no sound?
What if it could not be found?
Could you imagine a world like that?

What if there were no trees;
No air that you could breathe?
What if there was no sun;
No shinning to be done?
Could you imagine a world like that?

Be thankful for the music and sound.
Be thankful you have a heart.
Be thankful for the colour around.
Be thankful this world is set apart.
Be thankful for the world you live in.

What if the sun didn't shine
Would things be the same
would we do what we always did
What if love never existed
What would we feel for someone we loved
Would we feel love at all
What if anger was our good side
Would we wear it as pride
What if the hungry never ate
Would they make it to the next day
What if we gotten every thing we ever needed
Would we be filled with greed
What if every one was enemies
Could we ever expect to have a good time
What if there was no difference between you and me
Would we understand each other
Would we know everything about everybody
What if there was no laughter no joy
Could we endure life
Would there be any thing we could enjoy
What if things were never how they was suppose to be
Would we be how we use to be
What if we were blind and could not see
Would we give up on life
Would we accept that the little things in life would not excite you or me
What if
What if these words I am saying to you did not get to you
Would you be lost
Would you be considered a fool
What if 

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